SEO jobs are digital marketing people platform. It is one of the organic method to achieve results. The results are in the form of visitors and clicks.

Basic requirement of these SEO jobs is to good English writing skills. The people who can speak in English and write in English can easily learn SEO jobs.

The other SEO jobs requirements are consistency, patience and creativity. Consistency is to stick to the work for a long time to see the results. Patience is to admit doing the same job until you achieve the target and creativity is to demonstrate the off page skills while article writings and submissions.

The on page and off page SEO jobs are with us and one has to do both the roles to learn and achieve the results. Onpage has more creativity but this is only related to the designers but not the seo jobs. A SEO person should also learn basic HTML to understand the code to submit the SEO on google pages.

SEO jobs are less techincal but more market oriented. It gives more learning capabilities along side the real marketing professional. It is a digital business administration role at the last stage of seo jobs.

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