It is a verbal conversation to say you about the basic SEO principles. In English language, there are sayings on every incident of your life. I can define SEO with a principle that I would like to describe and I firmly believe that it is the best match.

This saying is very simple, ” make me famous” SEO meaning to explain in English. Here is why, you as an SEO executive or a digital marketing person and your job is to make your website famous. It is how you receive the clients. The famous website irrespective of it’s position can be accessed by the people directly.

End of the SEO is to make your website famous to a stage where your visitors open your pages directly. The best example is the ecommerce websites. Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart or any other domains in their respective locations are favorite for those public who can see the offers and directly access the portals.

How do you guess the one is famous among many? Followers, Name, reviews, mouthshut, offers, news, free gifts, attractive features, etc. One has to plan their best ways to get all the said examples for your websites to reach the end of SEO for your website. And so, you can consistently get your visitors.

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