SEO , a search engine optimization today is a real experience and is must to know this subject. It gives wide knowledge and awareness to the public if you know this SEO.

SEO magic

SEO magic is to show your website on google search. It empowers the website content and article and brings down more and more visitors to your website on which you have developed SEO.

What are the levels in SEO?

SEO jobs start from basic levels called executive and then senior SEO executive, SEO analyst, Senior SEO analyst and then SEO Professional, senior SEO professional and then manager.

Apply for SEO Manager?

SEO Manager is an interesting post and sounds easy for the outsiders. This is not just done with the knowledge on SEO. It also includes many other SEO aspects like:

  • keyword research
  • competitor research
  • competitor keywords
  • backlinks research and competitors backlinks
  • Daily keyword position tracking
  • Changes on the organic search
  • check for spam links.

The above are very few but there are more and more tasks which cannot be just explained in one page. It also requires management skills and handling the employees. Since the other SEO people report to the Managers, they will have the responsibility for all the tasks like reporting, team management, work assignment, target achievement.

How to become a good SEO?

To become a good SEO, the first requirement which you cannot deny is “patience”. This is the most important key in any job but it is more important for a SEO. There will be repeated tasks or similar tasks which needs to be done until you achieve it. It may take time but there should be quality in the work to speed up the results. SEO market is vast in opportunities compared to any other software jobs. It is because of the known fact that any company couldn’t survive without marketing. Marketing is the key for any business. A good SEO has to understand these basic principles of their works and should have more awareness and should maintain good relations and language on all social networks.

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