SEO a search engine marketing concept in digital marketing. It gets around two categories called onpage and offpage seo.

On-page SEO techiques

On-page SEO is to increase the content readability for the users and the robots. SEO should work in the view of both the user and robots. Robots can read and understand the format. Hence there should be a good format to be done for the text. Something like subheading , the title, tags and hyperlinks and other stuff are usually favorite for Robots. User interest will be the images and the content and explanation in steps. All this part of SEO work is called as On-Page Search engine optimization.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Having a rich content and images with a good on page SEO with a good domain name is not just enough to rank on Google Search. This is a very important concept of Off page SEO. The domain rank, page authority and page rank are the basic terms used in off page seo analysis. These 3 are basically achieved when you have done quality link building. These are achieved by posting your website link on other pages or posting others links on your pages. You are not bringing down the visitors from different sources. This is called as an Off-page SEO.

SEO secrets are the procedure you follow to bring down the links to index to Google or any other search engines.

  • Follow the rules and create a sitemap for your website and submit it to google.
  • Avoid non-working pages and do not delete the indexed pages. Because it throws you 404 page errors when visitors land on your pages.
  • Create content for the same page in basic version and explained version. It is useful to write the excerpts and the main content.
  • Maximize the use of keywords and it’s tail versions to improve your content.
  • Have the SEO breakdown at some level. Over Optimization can also lead to the boring styles with the readable text and the visitors may not spend much time as they find it relatively the same as other pages.

These are some of the useful points that bring up your pages on the google search.

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