Link Building is a practice in Search engine optimization and digital marketing industry. Top notch links for Link Building with high PR, DA, PA are calculated using a formula.

The visibility of the page in the google search is one of the factor and it also considers the visibility in other search networks like bing, yahoo, yandex or others. Before we start to explore the set of links useful in link building techniques, it is more important to understand the start of links visibility in search engines.

Links Visibility-Competitors are your best teachers:

Before you start, it is required to know your competitors. The best competitors are you best mentors for your website off-page works. You should know the areas on which the competitors have submitted their websites. The links submissions done by the competitors are the best start for your website backlinks.

Do follow and No-follow links: Do follow is the link juice in traditional SEO language. The popular websites which have high domain value gives you the position for your domain. But most of the dominant links gives you a no-follow links if you submit the website links. To get the follow links from the greater domains, you should talk to the domain owners and use a link sharing concepts to value the business. If your business has got a scope for getting more visitors from the network partners, it is always advisable to talk to them and share your business links correspondingly to rank your websites.


Links sharing is to find the next business user who can be helpful to execute the similar projects and get your domain links shared through them. In simple, websites like class A and class B have same set of visitors. It is a give and take policy for the class A and class B to share their links in both the portals. This will be helpful for the one to get more visitors and more business.

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