Digital Marketing stands to sell the products online. But in real life Digital Marketing, there are many incidents to share like name and fame. Here goes, a special artiste who is passionate in acting. There is no scope for this artiste to show their skills to the public apart from her family.

She started capturing her dance videos and used her youtube platform to upload her videos. It is when she started getting fans and followers through the youtube and has been called for auditions by a well known director.

Another incident in real life digital marketing is with a cook. He is real good in cooking and he got into the website where he started to share his his cooking videos through blogging . People started sharing the most interested pages and his recipes are watched world wide. He became a book writer in cooking classes.

Temples and churches in real life digital marketing. Here goes an unknown ancient temple in the world in a small village and no one is aware of this temple. This place has got a river with boat rides and one fine day, a boy of that village had shared a picture of the temple and the river in his social media account and it went on and one and through mouth shut and many people started visiting his place. Finally this became a tourist destination and gave fortune to many who live in the village.

Real life Digital marketing in simple is from known to unknown and it is same for all the life events. You can share the magic of love to the enmity between the countries through this digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is not a course of action or a subject to learn and apply. It is a passion of life and it gives the meaning to the world.

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