SEO executive is a beginner level jobs. SEO’s are available worldwide in different countries. It is an important part of Website Marketing. So, you are here to know what is the future of SEO?

Let’s start with early 80’s and 90’s when type machines are new and people started think what could be the future of a typist or a stenographer. World has given more luck in favor of the folks who know how to type on a keyboard. It is because they are the quick learners compared to those who does a paper work.

SEO is surprisingly a favorite subject started in the year 2007 when Google started a revolution against paid links. Google search is started in 1998 and the people started using the search and landing on the web sites to do a business from then. Due to the increase of number of businesses, then Google started Online advertising using paid links. There are days when the companies started fighting against Google policies for the reason it is depreciating the local businesses. In the wide use of Google search, then Google started with an alternative search called an Organic search.

Organice Search

Organic search in the name itself is non-paid marketing. Google Earth and then Google search would freely index the pages of local businesses defined by the companies. And then SEO is called off with a competition in between the local marketers using organic search. People with two similar businesses have to list their website address on the Google and they wonder whose website is going to show first. It will give more visitors to the website.

SEO executives is a created job opportunities by Google search and one has to be thankful for creating such a wonderful Google Search jobs. It is however used in the Worldwide to submit the large quantity of links to build the domain reputation and consistently the policies keep changing with the laws enforcement by the respective local Government bodies. It brought to a level where Google search along with the news updates to bring the quality to the domain.

SEO today has an opening in every company. They update the company domains in such a way that more visitors can reach the domain and do the business with the company. After this, we will learn about the comparison between Paid search and Organic search and their limitations.

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