Digital Marketing website sometimes contain stories. But, are these stories useful to get your web pages to get searched? We know, digital marketing looks into a number of pages listed on the search engine. But how do you think, you can make your visitor to open your pages. Huh, is it story writing that helps you?

Let’s talk about Story writing, telling you a story will take the whole way to introduce the characters and the places and their behavior and construct the story in simple. But if you start introducing the characters or show an index kind of list as in your chapters, people will never get to know what you are telling them about. If you know the story of a little boy who stole butter from the hanging pot, and his mother ties him to a big stone and he pulls the stone to reach out. Is there a story which comes in your mind?

Yes, the above story tells you about little krishna’s chapter. He was tied to a stone by his mother Yashoda. Here, we have told you the entire story in just two lines for your quick summary. This is the best way to give you an example of a page down with your websites. Here goes, something called article summary or excerpt, which can be the quick information about the link which you are going to open. This is called meta description in terms of coded html.

Have you got another question about writing down the best stories? Yes, everyone has the same product and there will never be a story behind it if you are selling a product on the website. What would be the best to narrate about a product. I can give you a direct answer but that may or may not be interesting for you. So, I suggest the product owner is the best to describe about the page.

SEO description

Every page in a website marketing has it’s own description but if you really don’t have one to explain, you still don’t have to worry because Google or any other search engine will read the first few lines on your pages and make it. But if you can give some custom description instead of auto generated,it will be more and more interesting to the readers to look into it.

SEO description can be constructed using the keywords, page purpose and the other set of rules. SEO Rich snippers is another term for this summary. You are going to showcase the entire page with many lines into a single paragraph. There is a quote, “Great people talk very less”. But their words are very valuable and injects a change in the listeners. It hits your heart and turns water eyes to wipe when you read a sad story. You can better read the last page on a novel to understand it better. It will give you more information and you will get a state of mind to justify the little story to rule your book.

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