Organic search and Paid search are the terms you find in Digital Marketing. Paid search is designed first with all the text ads, image ads and then it is improvised to Video ads, popup ads. There is no end for paid search as it is an open marketing technique and is also another ad agency business. Whereas Organic search is like a FCFS technology. First come first serve is a known technique you know about, the Organic search is something similar to the same but you get the search indexing on a proven identity.

The development of SEO is improved in every phase and the identity approval is a biggest challenge to approve the business to be shown in the free listing. Because the organic search should not be misused by other businesses which are into the similar line of business. This phase by phase development strategy in SEO or Organic search is termed as update. Google update or a new algorithm that defines the way to understand the business.

There are many challenges for Google while updating the algorithms as there are days when the Google search had completely removed some already established businesses from their search listing. Google SEO update platform is always a mystery as many third party bloggers claim to be an update which was received officially. But there is no direct talk to the public from Google search home domain saying this is an update which is going to make changes in your organic search business.

It is because, there are chances where the current competitors can prepare their ground works to avoid this Google update to save their business. This is not just a secret in SEO but this is a business policy. I have no time to read all the search algorithms but Google works like this. If you are the genuine business owner and you have no competitors, you can remain as long as possible . But the Google update effects for existing pages is like a re-verification to resolve the lawsuit conflicts which are raised by business groups.

The main difference in Google Organic search and Google paid search is the financials. The investment into the paid search can sometimes eat your pockets without business. If you have got the business, then you are lucky. But a free search industry is an Organic search listing and it is a hardwork and quality in explaining your business and that requires no additional expenditure other than SEO help.. But if you are literate, you can do the changes to your business by your own without any additional expenditure.

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